Headlined by Rachael Finch and Adelaide's favourite, Adelady.


Rachael Finch (TV Host, Author & Health Coach) 

Australian beauty, Rachael Finch will be joining us on Saturday afternoon for an intimate Q&A session. This hugely successful wonder woman will share with us her personal story as well as how she manages her busy schedule. 


Adelady (Hayley Pearson & Lauren DeCesare)

You might know them from their hit TV show, but these two ladies are the very meaning of following your dreams and creating a career out of what you love. Hayley and Lauren will be joining us on Friday night over our beautiful welcome dinner. They will be sharing their inspiring story with us as well as answering your questions. 

With incredible resources:

And special guests:

The Own It Project

Kristen & Katherine will be bringing their high energy to Illuminate in the form of their personal branding and development workshop. Together, they will inspire you to unlock who it is you are and what it is you can do. 


Why we created Illuminate  

Just under two years ago, at 21 years old, I quit my part time job and set my sights on working as a full time photographer. I never looked back. There have been days where I have been scared, doubted my personal ability and resilience. However, loving what I do has been the root that I have returned to, and I am sure that has taken me to where I am today. In addition to this love for the work, I have always invested the time to make sure I am offering my best self. That is paramount. No ifs or buts. You produce the work, you run the show, you need to be your best. Think of yourself as a creative athlete. 

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